How it works

Wealthy's tax-saver portfolio is eligibile under the section 80C of income-tax act. You can claim upto Rs 1.5 lakh as deduction in your taxable income.

Assess savings for the year

Calculate how much you can still save with Wealthy in this year of the total Rs 1.5 lakh limit under the section 80C

Invest without paperwork

Easy investing with our online (KYC) and paper-less application. Choose one-time or monthly (SIP) payment.

Track investments

Monitor the performance of your investments online and withdraw directly to your bank account.

Is my money safe?

With Wealthy, your money is invested in algorithmically chosen tax-saving mutual funds, also called ELSS. To choose the best portfolio, Wealthy uses historic data and runs analyses as per Nobel Prize winning methodology, called Capital Asset Pricing Model.

Your investment goes straight to trusted Mutual Fund companies, withour ever coming to Wealthy's bank. Investments processing takes 24 working hours and post that the corresponding investment proofs will be available on your dashboard. You can use the proofs for filing returns or submitting to your HR for tax benefits!


Seeing is believing

Comparison of returns between Wealthy and other tax-saving instruments

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