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Investment methodology based on proven principles

Asset Allocation

Depending on your investment horizon and acceptable risk-level, we help allocate money in right proportion across debt and equity

Mutual Fund Selection

We analyse returns, volatility (for risk) and correlation (for diversification) to choose a combination of mutual funds that provide you the best returns while protecting your capital

Active Rebalancing

We help maintain the asset allocation throughout the life of your investment. Disciplined rebalancing helps reduce volatility and improve returns

Fund Review

Our team conducts periodic performance review of each portfolio. Basis review, changes are made in constituent funds or allocation model to help you stay on-track

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Long term savings
Tax saving
Near term goals
Emergency fund

Fixed Deposit 8 - 10%

Rs 4.7L 5 years

8 - 10%

5 years



Wealthy - Long term portfolio 18 - 20%

Rs 6.3L

18 - 20%

Rs 4.7L 5 years

5 years
Rs. 10000 invested for years
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Your money is safe and secure

Safe & secure

Your money is transferred directly to regulated mutual fund companies without ever coming to Wealthy’s bank account. We employ bank grade security to protect your personal information

Paperless & flexible

Start investing in less than 3 minutes in a completely paper-less manner. Invest one-time or setup monthly (SIP) contributions for your portfolios

Withdraw anytime

Withdraw money at the tap of a button and get money back to your bank account within 3 working days. Pause your monthly contributions or edit amount and date right from your Wealthy dashboard

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