Commission Disclosures

Scheme NameAMCTrail 1st YearTrail 2nd Year
Aditya BSL Money ManagerAditya Birla0.100.10
Aditya BSL SavingsAditya Birla0.100.10
Aditya BSL Short TermAditya Birla0.600.60
Axis Banking & PSU DebtAxis0.250.25
Axis Bluechip FundAxis0.950.95
Axis GoldAxis0.080.08
Axis Long Term EquityAxis0.800.80
Axis MidcapAxis1.051.05
Axis Short TermAxis0.550.55
Axis Treasury AdvantageAxis0.300.30
DSP Corp Bond FundDSP0.250.25
DSP Mid Cap FundDSP0.800.80
DSP US Flexible EquityDSP0.700.70
Edelweiss US Technology Equity FoFEdelweiss0.900.90
HDFC S/T DebtHDFC0.300.30
ICICI Balanced AdvantageICICI0.850.85
ICICI Pru Banking & PSU DebtICICI0.250.25
ICICI Pru Corporate BondICICI0.200.20
ICICI Pru Credit RiskICICI0.750.75
ICICI Pru Regular SavingsICICI0.950.95
ICICI Pru SavingsICICI0.100.05
ICICI Pru TechnologyICICI0.800.80
ICICI Pru Ultra Short TermICICI0.350.35
ICICI Pru US Bluechip EquityICICI0.600.60
Invesco India ContraInvesco1.101.10
Invesco India Growth OpportunitiesInvesco1.201.20
Invesco India Tax PlanInvesco1.351.35
Invesco India Treasury AdvantageInvesco0.250.25
Invesco Short Term FundInvesco0.750.75
Kotak Banking & PSU DebtKotak0.300.30
Kotak Dynamic BondKotak0.750.75
Kotak FlexicapKotak1.101.10
Kotak GoldKotak0.350.35
Kotak Low DurationKotak0.750.75
Kotak Small CapKotak1.401.40
L&T India ValueL&T1.201.20
Mirae Asset Large CapMirae1.001.00
Mirae Asset Savings - Reg SavingsMirae0.700.70
Mirae Asset Tax SaverMirae0.750.75
Nippon India PharmaNippon0.950.95
SBI Banking & Financial ServicesSBI1.251.25
SBI Equity Hybrid FundSBI0.800.80
SBI Focused Equity FundSBI1.001.00
SBI Magnum Low DurationSBI0.500.50
SBI Magnum Medium DurationSBI0.550.55
SBI Magnum Ultra Short DurationSBI0.100.10
Sundaram Select FocusSundaram1.001.00
For all rates refer to the document.
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