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Zero Investment. No Targets.



Income per month

Refer clients for purchase of financial products and earn ₹ 50,000 - ₹ 10 lakh per month.

Wealth Partners

Join a community of entrepreneurs building wealth for clients and business for themselves.

Towns in India

From Dwarka in the west to Gangtok in the east, our Wealth Partners come from all parts of India.


Best Rates150+ Products100% Digital

Refer your clients to purchase the best financial products of all kinds and from leading companies through digital channels.


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Varun Krishna

Wealth Partner

CFP | Ex-Northern Trust | Ex-International Money Matters

Sameer Chhappar

Wealth Partner

Program Manager | Ex-Manipal Technologies

Team Gullak

Wealth Partner



We will be



What you work is what you will earn. No fine print, surprises, or hidden costs.



Whether you need support from technology, research, or humans, we will be there every step of the way.



Higher ROI, wide range, cutting-edge tech, and everything else that makes an amazing experience.

We know what it takes

As consumers, we saw why financial services needed a new approach. As entrepreneurs, we saw why it was hard.

Over the last few years, we have worked with thousands of professionals like you to know what worksdown to the last feature, asset allocation, and line of code.

Who are we?

We are a bunch of passionate people operating at the intersection of technology and finance.


We are a bunch of passionate people operating at the intersection of technology and finance.

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The next big opportunity is making the wealth of Indian households work for them. Join us in this revolution!
Frequently asked Questions
Do I need to pay any fees?
No. You can join for free.
What is the referral payout structure for partners?
It varies based on product, amount, and time. However, we offer the highest revenue share in the industry for all products.
What is the product range and tie-ups?
We have over 150+ products across insurance, investments, and loans offered by banks, AMCs, and other top institutions.
What kind of training do you provide?
We conduct 4-5 training sessions every week to help you use the platform, understand the product range, build your client base, learn personal finance, and much more.
I am not from financial services. Can I join?
Yes. However, you should have some knowledge and curiosity to learn more about it.
Can I do it alongside my job?
Yes. In fact, most of our Wealth Partners do this part-time to earn a second income.
Will there be someone to help me?
Yes. A Relationship Manager will be assigned to help you understand the product, answer your queries, and help you wherever required.
Are there any targets?
No. You can choose your products, client base, and how much you want to work.
Can a bank employee work as a Wealth Partner with Wealthy?
Yes, as long as a family member or partner is their primary relationship with Wealthy.
Will Wealthy help me acquire leads or customers?
Since it is your business, you will be expected to find them on your own. However, we will provide assistance for certain select partners.