Say hello to your new dashboard

Wealthy wants you to become Wealthy - in your own unique way and at your own pace. This new dashboard is a step in that direction. Now, get more insights into the performance of your portfolio, set personalised goals and let Wealthy help you get there on time.

Portfolio performance

Track performance of your portfolio - Long Term Aggressive, Tax-Saver, or anything else that you have chosen - over different periods of time.

Goal tracking

You can now set a goal for each portfolio you have with Wealthy. We will help you achieve it on time!

Smart notifications

We will notify if you are ever off-track to help you stay on-course for your goal. Everything else you need to know about your investment will also show up here.

Bird’s eye view of your investment

Now, you will need to spend only a few seconds to get a summarised view of all your investments and the performance over time.